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rear view programmer working all night longWeb Development

Infoline offers you professional web design, graphic applications and web services that ensure the success of your applications on the Internet.

A specialized team of designers and graphic designers together with experienced programmers, create solutions that reflect "your personality" and your functional needs.

Whether your goal is to develop a web application that will put you far ahead of your competitors or just to improve the internal functioning of your business by exploiting the power of the Internet, our professionals provide you with everything required to program , build, implement and maintain your online presence and even expand your business with our proven online business strategies.

Website Upgrade

website upgrade 1Even if you have a website which - despite the great increase in the use of the internet and websites in Greece - has not brought you the expected results, call us to see together why it has not worked so far and to change it for the benefit of the business your. That is, to build an impressive but at the same time functional website which will be properly promoted in the search engines and the rest of the modern web marketing tools in order to yield directly in the case of an e-shop or indirectly in the case of a simple presence.
The basic principles we follow for the design and development of functional websites are:

  • High standards (following web standards e.g. World Wide Web Consortium)
  • Dynamic site for easy renewal and addition of content
  • Aesthetics and functionality (modern design and web technologies)
  • Compatibility (with all browsers) Friendly to search engines (SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Friendly
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