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When things get tough, we keep on growing!

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Η Infoline has the right product for every need of your business. We have an extensive variety of hardware and software and, of course, the experience to choose right the best solution for the desired result.
We have as a main and primary objective to become and to remain the first choice of our clients. each client is a special case of that approach, we analyze and implement their needs, with the main objective to contribute effectively to the modernisation and development of the company's applied solutions.
We respond continuously to the growing market of information technology and we are able to provide solutions to the needs of the modern enterprise.


Η Infoline is a trading company and it services which provides:
•Services of computer support
•Computer applications
•Marketing and after-sales support
•Products (hardware) and software (software)
• Solutions of Computer and networks
• Commercial applications
• Tax Equipment (Cash registers, POS etc.p)
• Web Development
• Sale of printing and photocopiers and consumables
• Sales computer
• Service computer – cash – photocopiers
Digital Marketing

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Souidias 30
Αργοστόλι 281 00

Τηλέφωνο: 693 499 4000

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