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Digital Marketing

Our Marketers are people who first of all understand the market and consumer behavior. Second element is the excellent technical training that will take off your campaigns. The growth model we apply and guide our clients to success.

An advertising agency can be the catalyst of your business. It's the way to grow. Infoline developed the most modern advertising department in Thessaloniki. We provide advertising services in the entire range of Digital as well as traditional Marketing. We are a 360° digital marketing agency that will cover your every need. The services in which we stand out are the following:

✔️ Google Ads

✔️Search Engine Marketing with ads in Search Network of Google

✔️Advertising on the Google Display Network

✔️ YouTube Ads

At Infoline we can offer you all the services that suit your business and can achieve your business goals, with the best performance!


Search Engine Optimization is for most experts in the field the basic digital marketing tool for every business that is active online.

What exactly is S.E.O.

This is the strategy of optimizing websites and online stores, with the aim of conquering the first positions of the organic results in the search engines for the relevant "keywords" that the users are looking for. SEO is divided into individual strategies, those of On-page, Off-page and Technical, all of which aim to achieve a high ranking in the organic results of search engines.

Why You Should Include S.E.O. in your Digital Marketing strategy

Today, all users who want to find a product, service or information about something they are interested in will turn to a search engine (like Google) to find it. If you consider that 93% of users won't even make it to the third page, wouldn't you want your business to be on the first page of the search results?

Search Engine Optimization is the ideal solution for you:

✔️If you wish to establish your brand in the field you operate in and stand out from your competition

✔️If you wish to increase traffic to your website or your eshop, without having to constantly invest in new advertising campaigns

✔️ If you want to be found in the search results of your potential customers when they search for something about your products or services

Whether your business is large and well-known, new and unknown, local or multinational, Search Engine Optimization can be the driving force behind its growth.

At Infoline, we can fully support you in this effort to grow your business and achieve your goals, with our specialized staff. Applying a strategy adapted to your own needs and business goals, but also to market trends, combined with our own technical training, success is one way...all the way to the top of the SERPs!

How fast can my website appear on the first page of Google results?

The question above is the most frequent one that concerns business people who decide to invest in SEO. This is because a business will really benefit from SEO when their website appears not only on the first page but in the first 4-5 results.

For a not so difficult word we can get faster results. As a minimum time for any keyword we can set 3 months. There are examples where websites reached the first page in less than 15 days but in these cases they are exceptions and usually they are keywords which have no commercial interest or the technicians followed unfair techniques to cause a rather ephemeral result.

What are the procedures a business should follow to get proper S.E.O. results?

At SEO there are procedures we follow periodically and for this reason this service is a paid monthly service. These procedures have 3 phases. The first phase is that of analysis and targeting. The second phase is that of development and positioning and the third phase is that of debriefing and retargeting.

✔️Analysis of current position

✔️Find keywords

✔️Competition analysis

✔️Goal setting

✔️Creating content

✔️On Page Technical SEO

✔️Off Page SEO – Backlinking

✔️Internal Linking

✔️Data analysis Webmaster – Analytics


✔️Goal achievement analysis

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